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Good morning!
It has been a crazy busy week for us here at Pixiecraft, Littlest started forest school, Mr P and Little Pixie have both celebrate their birthdays. That is a lot of cake in one week. Today I thought it was about time I gave you all an update on the kittens. 

Those of you who follow our social media may remember that in January we welcomed these two adorable little balls of fluff into our home. Betty who is black and Lola who is grey/blue. I was sure we must be bonkers to add two more excitable little girls to our home but just look at those faces. How could we say no? 
black and grey kittens
Betty and Lola came to us from St Helens Cats Protection who had done a wonderful job in raising them. They lived in a foster home with a small child and were the most confident cats I have met. From the moment they came home they were ruling the roost and were never fazed by the noise and daily chaos of our home.
Grey cat
Next week Betty and Lola will be 7 months old and as the weather has finally improved they have been to allowed out to explore! First we carried them around and then left them in the conservatory while we played outside so they could come out in their own time. Betty is much more confident than her sister so as expected she was willing to rush out and check out the garden pretty much straight away. It took over an hour for Lola to even get onto the patio. However over the last two weeks Lola has blossomed and even though she is unbelievably clumsy (she is forever falling off things...or tripping over her own feet) she has spent more time outside than her sister and stands her ground whenever any big birds or cats come into the garden. Betty on the other hand legs it into the house and under the sofa if anything so much as looks at her. 
black kitten
Betty continues to be the most playful one, she has a habit of hoarding things under the sofa, in particular Lego people and socks. She chases the girls around all day with endless energy. Lola just keeps getting cuddlier and fluffier! She still comes running to me every morning when they are allowed out of the living room to sit on my knee and have a morning cuddle. She is also incredibly greedy and I'm fairly sure the reason Betty is so much smaller is because Lola eats everything before she get chance. 
cat and toddler in garden
black kitten in garden
I have had cats my whole life until a few years ago when the cat I hand reared ran away. Our home never felt quite the same without a cat and it has been so wonderful to have these two brilliant little girls with us and they bring us so much joy with their crazy antics.
Happy Sunday.

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