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Good evening,
Well The Big Pixie Collab is now under three weeks away. The album is coming together nicely and I have felt incredibly honoured to work with so many wonderful and talented makers. I really wanted to take this opportunity for you to get to know some of the makers involved a little better so we will be running a series of interviews in the next two weeks. First up we have the lovely Lizzie Martell Moore.
Lizzie Martell Moore
My name is Lizzie and I run a small business called Lizzie Martell Illustration where I paint original art commissions and sell Giclee prints of my work. I am Mama to my toddler daughter, Iris and also Bessie my cat. I LOVE to paint, draw and paint some more at any chance I get. I paint in inks and watercolours – and sometimes gouache - to create bright and happy paintings. I really love to make art to inspire joy. My focus is on art that children will love. My favourite is painting the magic of the natural world, so I often paint animals and love to bring out their characters in my work.
What does an average day look like for you?
No two days are the same! Being a Mama to my little girl as well as running my own business means I have to plan ahead and make the most of nap times and evenings. However, Wednesdays my daughter is at nursery and I get the whole day to work on my art which is wonderful.
A typical Wednesday is a cup of tea (tea first!) then I spend an hour replying to emails, invoicing and scheduling posts on my Facebook page and Instagram for the week ahead. Then I spend the rest of the morning working on my commissioned paintings – before mixing it up in the afternoon and work on potential paintings for prints. I like to shoot a live painting video whenever I can on Wednesdays when it’s only me and Bessie at home which makes for a less interrupted painting session!
Flamingo illustration
Collaborative work requires us to step outside our comfort zone, if you could work in a different medium what would you choose?
I’ve always wanted to give oils a try. I love the texture they create and the finished result is so different from my safe space of watercolours that I wonder what I’d be able to create and in what style.
whale illustration
What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
Learning the technical side of digitising my artwork. I realised If I was to sell my art, I’d need to learn how to scan it correctly, digitally tweak it and then prepare it for print. Learning how to use Photoshop and create what I see in my head on the screen, can often be a challenge. But practice has paid off and I’m slowly getting the hang of the digital side – slowly but surely!
If you could share one tip for surviving in the small business world what would it be?
Value your time and yourself. If you are passionate about something - such as art - and you love doing it, it’s easy to forget the worth behind your work. It’s easy to forget that others DO value what you do. Take time away from your business sometimes too, to do something completely different (I crochet!) to make sure you keep loving what you do when you go back to it.
fox illustration
In the spirit of shopping small who are your top three small businesses?
Pixiecraft (of course!) -  I must have around 4 of Katy’s hoops in my home now, and I have posted a few others out as presents. I’m in love!
Love and Buttons – Elaine produces beautiful stitched pieces and also collects stunning old or unwanted antique pieces (buttons and fabrics especially!) and turns them into loved art.
Floral Chicken Art is small art business that I enjoy following. I love Gail’s paintings as (like me) she uses watercolours and ink. She has great humour and creates little characters from her paintings and posts regularly, so a lovely Page to follow.

For The Big Pixie Collab Lizzie and I have worked together to recreate her illustration of Wilbur the Whale in stitched and he was a delight to sew! Full of tiny details and charm that made me smile the whole time I was stitching. 
Whale hand embroidery hoop art
whale embroidery art

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You can find Lizzie here:
Happy stitches
Katy :)

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