The Big Pixie Collab! (Part 1)

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Good evening everyone!
Those of you who follow Pixiecraft on social media will have seen that the last few weeks my feed has been entirely taken over by some very different and absolutely incredible designs. I am currently working towards a huge event on our Facebook page called The Big Pixie Collaboration
hand embroidered russian doll

This event involves me collaborating with 25+ illustrators, papercutters, designers and artists to create some stitchy magic and oh my has it turned into something wonderful. Over the last few years I have stitched collaborative pieces with a few different artists and every time it has been a huge success.  I first had the idea to do this on a bigger scale with the event last year. I had no idea quite how big the event would become when I first started planning it. I started with 5 pieces in mind and this week that list hit 38… YES! I know embroidery is an incredibly slow art so this is a mammoth job but judging by what we have so far I am sure it will be worth it. I have already completed more than 50 hours worth of stitching for this event alone….plus another 100,000 or so on admin ;).
hand embroidery bees

So…what is a market night?

For those of you who are new to the concept of a market night. Here is a quick explanation. On our Facebook page I will be creating an album with a photo of each item up for sale. Every photo will state a description, any information you need and a price (postage will stated and if you buy multiple items I will combine this). This event is currently set for Sunday 3rd June at 8pm UK time. At exactly 8pm I will release a “password” on the page and event page. You then head over to the album and comment on the photo of the item you want with the password. The first person to comment on the photo “wins”. I will contact you to arrange payment and delivery of your item.
Simple. These events can get a little crazy with things selling in milliseconds, so I will always check the timestamps of comments but ultimately I will go on which comment appears as first to me. It really is a case of fastest fingers first.
hand embroidery geometric rainbow lips

Who is involved?

I am still in talks with many, many people (seriously the messages just keep coming!!) but these are a few of the incredible people we have confirmed so far.
Marnie Makes, By Charlies Hand, The Pixie Post Office, Louise Dyer Paperlace, Florrie and Me, Elrose Cottage, Lucy Mae Designs, The Gingerbread House and Paper Panda!

I know right!? All that talent in one place! I am not sure whether to be honoured or terrified. In some cases I will be stitching their designs and in others they will be taking either my design or my actual embroidery and creating something wonderful with it. Stitching other people’s designs can be quite overwhelming at times as I am being trusted with someone’s work. I really hope I am able to do justice to them all. I always love taking on other people’s work though as it forces me to step outside my comfort zone and work in new and exciting ways. Although in some cases I am going so far out my comfort zone that I can’t even see it anymore ;). It is all good fun and so far I have fallen in love with every single piece I have made. In fact this event might not even happen at all and all the pieces might just ‘disappear’….onto my walls!

hand embroidered rainbow seahorse
You can sign up to the Facebook event here to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


hand embroidered text and flowers

Thank you for reading and I will be back soon with a chance for you to learn a little more about some of the amazing people I am collaborating with.

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