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Good evening lovely people! We are back for a third installment of The Big Pixie Collab and this year is looking even better and bigger than ever. Tonight we are saying hello to the lovely Lindsay of Slumbermonkey Designs who is joining the event for the first time. 
be wild be free hand embroidery

Tell us a bit about you!

I’m Lindsay, the person behind Slumbermonkey Designs. I live in North Dorset, although originally I come from Norfolk where I relocated from three years ago. My background is in printed textiles but I love experimenting with lots of different techniques. My creative ambitions were put on the back burner when I became a teacher but after a couple of health issues I began to develop pieces to sell. I left a part-time teaching roll in December to focus on my business full-time.

What does an average day look like for you?

Coffee is definitely what I need first thing and whilst I have my first cup I try to catch up on admin, check messages, look at orders and do my posting on social media. If I have things to make I go out to my studio which is in my garden and is my absolute favourite place. I may need to cut cards or seal jewellery or use my pyrography tools. If post needs to go out I try to do that in the morning too. I take a break around about 2pm when I take my dog for a walk. We walk over to the next village, crossing a weir and river and take time to enjoy the fresh air. The rest of the afternoon I could be designing, making or working on the computer.
Slumbermonkey designs studio

Collaborative work requires us to step outside our comfort zone, if you could work in a different medium what would you choose?

I would love to be a whiz on a sewing machine and do really fine, detailed embroidery (like Pixiecraft!). Ironically I taught GCSE Art Textiles but with that there wasn’t anything a glue gun couldn’t do!
Slumbermonkey designs illustration

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

Laying yourself open to apathy and criticism. You pour so much into what you do, launch it and then hear crickets. It’s really tough.
Be wild be free illustration

If you could share one tip for surviving in the small business world what would it be?

To never give up and keep believing in yourself. Don’t be put off from your vision if you have to keep plugging away for recognition, you will get there eventually.
Hand embroidery hoop art

Who are you top three small businesses?

I love Silver Hedgehog for her amazing jewellery and all that she does for hedgehog preservation. The Dorset Etsy team that I am part of are very supportive, especially Studio Pickles and The Dorothy Days.

You can find slumbermonkey designs here:
Watch this space for more updates on the 2019 installment of the Big Pixie Collab!


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