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Good evening lovely people!
When I first started learning hand embroidery I very quickly discovered that I didn't like sewing from other peoples patterns. I have never been particularly good at following instructions (as I am sure any of my high school art teachers would delight in telling you). I am the sort of person who buys a piece of flat pack furniture, wings it and then completely regrets it at the end when it doesn't all fit quite right! So it was inevitable with embroidery that I was going to end up drawing my own patterns. I find it immensely satisfying to take an idea in my head, put that into a sketch and then bring it to life in stitches.
Over the last couple of years I have been spending more time creating digital pattern and kits as I have constantly had requests for them. Up until now that has been incredibly time consuming but I have recently taught myself to draw with vectors and as usual I am following no instructions or tutorials...just giving it a go and seeing what happens! However it has revolutionised pattern making for me now. 
Vector drawing of embroidery pattern
Every pattern I have made is currently in one big sketchbook after last year I undertook the mammoth task of transferring hundreds of patterns from scraps of paper all over the house into the book. If you check The Profanity Pixie facebook page there is video of every single page in that book. I favour the Daler Rowney Ebony Spiral in Landscape as it is big enough to comfortably fit a 6 inch pattern and I very rarely work in anything larger than that. The paper is also sturdy enough to survive the constant wear of me leaning on it and transferring the patterns to fabric. I have recently filled my first book This sketchbook is like my happy place, it is filled with all my favourite idea and most loved patterns. 
open sketchbook
Over the last 2 years I have started bringing out hand embroidery kits. They are suitable for complete beginners and include pretty much everything you need (you just need scissors and a pencil). They are limited in number as they are expensive to produce but I have several more in the planning stage so I do hope to bring you plenty more soon. I also have plans to use my new vector skills to bring more PDF patterns quicker and easier!

All my kits in stock are available to purchase on Etsy:

Pixiecraft for the polite ones

The Profanity Pixie for the naughty ones!
rainbow hand embroidery kit
Happy Stitching


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  • Sian on

    I would so love to be able to buy just the patterns as I have tonnes of fabric and embrodery threads to use up.

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